Architectural design and visualisation services.

Bring your architectural vision to life. A 3D visualisation promotes understanding better than expected.

Visualising architecture

Demiurge uses three-dimensional modeling software to create 'photo-realistic' renders of architectural constructions and interiors. Renders or 'renderings' are usually for presentation, design analysis and marketing purposes. 
Architectural visualisation is quite commonplace these days. You'll typically see examples of it at construction sites giving passersby an idea of what they can expect to see develop at that site.  3D renders raise interest, promotes understanding and drive home concepts.
(An obviously incomplete visualisation but good for establishing an initial 'tone' for the completed work.)


This project was started as an exercise. With no portfolio to speak of and an increase in the amount of enquiries regarding architectural visualisation, the need for a showcase of the 3D modeling and animation skills available at Demiurge became pressing. This is the very first of our exterior architectural visualisations...

Beginning the design process

Google Search was a good source of inspiration for this project. Analysing photo examples of architecture served to establish a better understanding of the space and volume and proportional requirements of the project. Using the two-dimensional reference of the photograph and common dimensions for door sizes it was possible to formalise the 3D space the villa would occupy.

Developing in 3ds Max

The photographic reference used for inspiration doesn't provide any information about what is in the 'rooms' of the luxury villa or what is behind happens behind the visible walls of the villa. As such an exercise like this provides the opportunity to think in terms of the possible architectural and interior requirements clients may have.
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