3D Modeling, Visualisation and Animation

No matter the nature of the 3D, our mission is to provide accurate, geometrically sound, beautifully textured and lit 3D graphics. Making use of some of the world's most advanced 3D modeling and animation software, we strive to deliver belieavable and aesthetically pleasing visualisations in high definition.

Visualising architecture

At Demiurge we favour an Autodesk workflow. We integrate tightly with AutoCAD and Revit to facilitate rapid development processes but we will also work your visualisation up from old school plans.

3D Visualisation

3D visualisations of manufactured commercial products help to promote better understading among their users. They also add an edge to concept proposals and marketing campaigns.

Character modeling

Modelling characters for games and animation demand adherence to a stringent set of principles. Stylish looking characters with a low poly-count is our aim...

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