Product visualisation

Most of the current Demiurge 3D product visualisation skill set was acquired in an 'on-the-job' learning curve.  Some years ago, a prominent client in the industrial manufacturing sector required a three-dimensional representation of an exploded view showing the component parts of one of their products (an example of a later project is pictured below). The delivery at the time was pretty amateurish but the client bought into it and has since had various other of their products modeled and rendered for educational and marketing purposes.

3d model of heavy duty slurry pump wet end

(The modeling above was not by Demiurge. We take credit for materials, lighting and rendering.)


Pump and Abrasion Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is a leading slurry and de-watering pump manufacturer and supplier in South Africa. Demiurge's work for this company spans the gamut: from logo design to email signatures through web design and animated 3d models (and everything in between).


The early models were rough: working from single view photographs and quick in situ sketches produced 3d renders that were only partly satisfactory. Although the client accepted these early attempts their continued use of our services attest to technical and aesthetic progress through the years.
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